4 Reasons to Pay Attention to the Upcoming 7/18 City Council Meeting!


  1. The City Council will honor the City’s Parks and Recreation Department for their strong work. With 90 miles of trails and greenways, Greensboro is a national model! This month is National Parks and Recreation Month!
  2. City Council will vote on the potential expansion of the LimeBike bike share program. The expanded program would launch in early August with an additional 800 bikes added to the system…including in downtown!
  3. City Council will vote on allowing the newly adopted state “Brunch Bill” that allows cities to permit restaurants and vendors to sell alcohol on Sundays at 10am versus 12pm. The City requires 6 of 9 votes.
  4. City Councilperson District 2 Rep Jamal Fox, who is only 27 years old, will resign on Tuesday night due to his relocation to Oregon to be with his fiancé! The City Council will appoint a temporary Councilperson to serve until the November election. Five citizens have submitted their interest in the seat and each will have 3 minutes to make their case on why they could be selected. Council will then discuss and vote.