synerG is an organization created to address the unique quality of life needs and issues affecting Greensboro’s young professional community.

About synerG

synerG is more than just an organization for Greensboro's young professionals. We're a real, live network dedicated to growing and cultivating Greensboro's under-40 community. We're as diverse as we are passionate about the city we call home and we wholeheartedly believe that by creating opportunities for tomorrow's leaders to grow today, we're helping shape the future of our city for the better. 

synerG, under the umbrella of Action Greensboro, is an active organization of young adults who lead initiatives with the mission to attract, engage and connect young professionals to Greensboro, North Carolina. Through our projects, synerG promotes social and professional networking, leadership opportunities and serves as a clearinghouse for information for young adults in the 21-39 year-old age demographic. synerG values the creation of opportunities and atmospheres that promote connectedness, diversity/inclusiveness and accessibility.

Who We Are
synerG is, in a nutshell, an organization created to address the unique quality of life needs and issues affecting Greensboro’s young professional community.
What We Do
Here at synerG, we have a mission: to attract, engage, and connect young professionals to Greensboro. We believe in giving tomorrow’s leaders the real-world experience and face-to-face connections they need to grow and succeed today.
A Little History
Way, way back in 2001, Action Greensboro, a non-profit organization working to enhance the quality of life in our fair city, commissioned a report on the state of Greensboro’s economic growth. One of the key findings from this report, AKA the McKinsey Report, revealed that over the course of the past decade, our city’s population had experienced a decline in the number of 18- to 34-year-olds. Meanwhile, to our east and to our west, Raleigh and Charlotte, whose numbers in that same demographic were on the up and up, were bucking the national trend toward an aging population and attracting young folks from beyond their county lines.

Action Greensboro took this as a challenge and in response, created synerG – an offshoot organization focused specifically on answering the social, professional, and civic needs of Greensboro’s 20- to 30-somethings.

Since our founding in 2001, synerG has evolved from project-focused initiatives like installing WIFI on South Elm Street and in Center City Park to program-based initiatives with the goal of advancing leadership opportunities, voice, and quality of life for all of Greensboro’s young professionals.

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