Pop Up Promenade in downtown Greensboro

Public Works Projects

The Pop Up Promenade
The Pop Up Promenade was developed to transform February One Place between Davie & Greene Streets into a fun, interactive and urban space on Friday/Saturday Nights (6 to 11pm) during May & June 2013. The goals of the project were to enhance pedestrian experience and encourage walkability; attract young professionals, students and families; and introduce new concepts and non-traditional usage of urban spaces. synerG young professionals painted the streets, added seating and food trucks, street performers and public engagement components and brought thousands of Greensboro residents Downtown.

The Pop Up Dog Park

The Pop Up Dog Park came from young folks in Greensboro recognizing a need for play and socialization for dogs and their owners in Downtown. Since its creation, there are plans for a dog park in a planned synerG helped to bring about the Pop Up Dog Parkcommunity Downtown and the new LeBauer Park to open in the Spring of 2016.


The South Elm Street Pop Up Dog Park was a planned dedicated area where responsible pet owners and their off-leash dogs can gather for exercise and socialization. The City of Greensboro allocated land for the creation of a Pop Up Dog Park at South Elm and Lee Streets at the Redevelopment Commission site.  The Park opened in the Summer of 2013 and was open for over one year.

The off-leash area was divided into 2 separate gated areas for large and small dogs. The Pop Up Puppy Park was open 7 days a week and free and open to the public.

Art Bus Shelter
Bus Benches of Artistic Distinction won synerG’s “Big Idea” competition and was a partnership between synerG, University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s Communication Studies Department and Dudley High School. Bus Benches of Artistic Distinction was selected as synerG’s 2012 “Big Idea” because it is a visible public works project that gives synerG an opportunity to leave a tangible and lasting impact on the larger community.  The project also demonstrates the potential to excite and engage Greensboro’s young professionals. 

The goals of the project were:

1)  Advocate for city policy change to allow for creative bench expressions
2)  Fund and leverage funds for bus bench and shelter installation
3)  Brainstorm and create brand new conceptions of seating options for bus riders 

Throughout the project, synerG members used their skills, connections, and passion to demonstrate for students the community dimensions of civic engagement that are collaborative, creative, active, and fresh.

Greensboro Public Art Map

Greensboro, North Carolina has a collection of over 100 pieces of public art works. This map was developed by Action Greensboro, with the support of local photographers.

To submit additional works, email the name, location, photos and description to info@actiongreensboro.org.

Photo by Lynn Donovan


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