synerG is more than just an organization for Greensboro’s young professionals. We’re a real, live network dedicated to growing and cultivating Greensboro’s under-40 community. We’re as diverse as we are passionate about the city we call home and we wholeheartedly believe that by creating opportunities for tomorrow’s leaders to grow today, we’re helping shape the future of our city for the better.

(Y)our Greensboro

Whether you’re new to Greensboro or lived here your whole life – you can find out about all kinds of cool things to do in (y)our city.


synerG doesn’t go it alone. We can connect you to great partners that do great things in (y)our city.

Come to an Event

(Y)our source for synerG leadership, social and community events. We’ve even added events from partners and friends you’ll want to know about.

Get Involved

Leadership Training. Community Engagement. Social Networking. We’ve got you covered.

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