Meet The Council: Forrest Howard

Meet Forrest Howard! A member of the synerG council since 2023. Forrest is a Senior Sales Manager at The Kimpton Cardinal Hotel and our synerG social committee co-chair!

Notable facts:
-Pet Parent to a perfect 25 lb. mutt named Millie!
-ISFP-A / Enneagram 7
-Been in the Triad for 10+ years

Ask me about:
I love the social aspect of networking, though networking can gain professional relationships and business as well. Feel free to reach out if you are looking to connect with others socially as well as professionally, as it can be a bit of both. Happy to help you plug in. I also work in the hotel world, so if you have interests in or a company that needs events, overnight rooms, or both, happy to help!

Fav Things About Greensboro:
Smaller city with loads to offer from parks and outdoor space to excellent food and beverages. Greensboro is a bit artsy without being over the top. It is small enough to find connections and friends easily. Lots of neat homes and buildings, but much greenspace as well. It’s a very balanced city!

Book/Movie/TV/Media Recommendation
Book: Enders Game / Movie: Star Wars (all of them as a collective) / TV: Dr. Who (New Who)

Greensboro Person I’d Like to Get to Know:
All of the different Brewery Owners – I bet they have some fascinating stories

Find Forrest at: