Placemaking Subcommittee

Passionate about reinventing public spaces? Want to leave a visible mark on the Greensboro community? Have creative ideas for community participation-based projects? Placemaking is the committee for you!

synerG Placemaking Committee serves to strengthen the connection between people and the places they share.  With so much new development in and around our community, we believe there is great opportunity for young professionals to drive memorable and lasting spaces of shared value throughout the city.
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Drone footage: Vinicius Sá, husband to Placemaking Committee member Audrie Sá
Video creation/editing: Vinicius and Audrie Sá, and Placemaking Committee and synerG Council member, Michael Clapp

Some past placemaking projects executed by synerG include:

  • Painted street at February One Place
  • W. Market street bus stop near Bryan YMCA
  • Dream Machine Art in front of Cafe Europa
  • Painted “Bottleground” cross walk on Eugene Street
  • Downtown Signal Box Art

Dear Greesboro

Dear Greensboro is an interactive installation located at Blandwood Mansion

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