Social Committee

Are you the first to hear about new places in town? Do you love getting people out of their comfort zones and introducing them to new people? Is your name always mentioned as someone who should “host” an upcoming event? The social committee could be a great fit! 

The Social Committee strives to connect SynerG to the community. This team is always on their toes and welcomes all. Whether it’s finding where to host our next event, talking to a business owner about a partnership, or coming up with new ways to help members engage. The social committee finds activities for all members. Our social committee is on it!


Past programs have included Monthly On Taps at local hotspots, March in Midtown, Hiking Meetup, Pickleball Clinic, Spring Kickball Team, Craft Nights and so much more.

Some of the events our social committee event include:

  • Monthly On Taps – monthly networking event 
  • YP Ecosystem/Community Partner Events 
  • Wellness Series 
  • Sport Opportunities 
  • Special Projects

The Social Committee also takes on ad-hoc placemaking projects across the city. Learn more about the Placemaking Subcommittee.

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As we strive to elevate Greensboro’s young professionals, our dedicated committees serve as the backbone of our organization’s initiatives. By joining a committee, you are not only stepping up to lead and shape the future of Greensboro but also discovering countless opportunities for personal and professional growth.